With proper care and maintenance, your favorite sex toy can last for years. The best way to keep your toy in tip-top shape like a new toy is to clean it before and after each use.

Basic Sex Toy Cleaning Rules
There are two basic ways to clean sex toys. The traditional method consists of washing the toy in warm soapy water, rinsing it off, and then drying it with a clean towel. This method is quick, easy and economical. But it doesn’t always work. Some sex toys have textured surfaces filled with hard-to-reach nooks and crannies. Other sex toys may come with batteries and motors that could damage them if they get wet. And you can’t always rely on the manufacturer’s claim that something is waterproof, especially after you’ve used it dozens or hundreds of times.

The toy experts at Adam & Eve recommend using a specialized toy cleaner instead. We offer several different types of cleaners for you to choose from. While you do have to pay extra for toy cleaners, many of them contain antibacterial agents, deodorizers and other beneficial features that help keep your favorite sex toys in tip-top shape. They are guaranteed to work with all types of sex toy materials. And they are specially formulated to treat any germs or bacteria on pocket pussy (mytoyfirst.com/pocket-pussy-sex-toys-mytoyfirst) sex toys without leaving a harmful residue that can irritate your sensitive areas.

Sex toy (mytoyfirst.com/sex-toys-for-men) cleaners are easy and quick to use, making it a breeze to care for your toys. Most cleaners simply ask you to spray the sex toy, wipe it off with a damp cloth, and then dry it with a lint-free cloth. However, it pays to check that the cleaner has specific instructions and follow its recommendations before using it.

While the basic rules cover most types of sex toys, few such toys (e.g., anal toys, fondling/masturbators, and realistic toys) require special attention. If your sex toy falls into one of these three categories, check out the special recommendations outlined below for more detailed information on keeping it clean.

How to clean anal toys
Given the nature of anal toys, it is especially important to keep them clean. Otherwise, they can quickly become a breeding ground for all sorts of debris and even endanger your health. That’s why anal toys require a little more attention and care when it comes to cleaning than regular sex toys.

Rule #1 Always assume that anal toys are dirty (even if they are not).
You can also be sure that the toy was cleaned after the last time you used it and that it looks clean when you take it out of the storage bag. But this does not mean that your anal toy is really clean. Unless you have examined it under a microscope, always assume that the anal toy is dirty. And you need to clean it before you can use it again.

Rule #2 Scrub the anal toy and scrub it more
male Anal toys (mytoyfirst.com/male-masterbator) are the reason why sex toy cleaners were created. Sex toy cleaners contain special antibacterial agents as well as deodorizers and other features that will keep your anal toys in top condition. Clean your anal toy by thoroughly spraying it with your favorite cleaner. Then wipe clean with a damp cloth, paying particular attention to any cracks or crevices that may be hiding bacteria. Then do it all over again. This can be annoying, but it’s worth a few extra minutes of your time.

If you use soap and water to clean your anal toys, make sure you use antibacterial soap and hot water. Look for soaps that are safe for humans so as not to irritate your sensitive areas. And make sure you scrub hard while cleaning to ensure the job is done.

After you’ve just cleaned your anal toy, it’s safe to use. Or, you can pack it away until the next play date.

Rule #3 Don’t leave dirty anal toys lying around
This leads us to the final rule, clean your anal toys as soon as possible after use. It may be tempting to wait until the next morning, especially if you are basking in the glow of a good O. But in those few hours, germs and bacteria can proliferate, which can make your anal toy harder to clean later.

Adam’s Tip: Use a condom
Some toy experts recommend putting a condom around your anal toy before using it. When you’re done, you simply throw the condom away. You will still need to clean the anal toy, but condoms make it faster and easier.

How to Clean Masturbation and Stroking
Like anal toys, masturbators and fondlers can be difficult to clean. These toys have narrow and cramped tunnels. If you don’t keep them clean, then these tunnels will quickly become home to all sorts of nasty germs and bacteria. A dirty fondler won’t give you an STD, but it can lead to many other health problems if you’re not careful.

When cleaning your putter or masturbator, it’s a good idea to rinse the tunnel first. Hold the opening over the faucet and turn it on – forcing the water into the tank. It only takes a few seconds to rinse your strokes or masturbation clean. Then, you can use sex toy cleaner or warm soapy water to clean it as usual. Just be sure to clean the inside and outside of the tunnel! The same goes for when you want to dry your sex toy.

How to clean a realistic sex toy (mytoyfirst.com/sex-toys)
Just because your sex toy looks like a penis or vagina doesn’t mean it needs special cleaning instructions. However, many realistic toys are made of special materials that mimic the appearance of real skin as closely as possible. These materials have many different names, including Cyberskin, UR3 and PureSkin, but most of them contain the word «skin» in the name. These realistic materials can really make your sex toys come to life, but they require additional maintenance beyond the usual cleaning tasks.

Clean the realistic toys as you normally would and make sure they are completely dry. Then gently dust them with the special renewal powder that comes with the toy. Store your sex toy and a spoonful of the renewal powder in a sealed plastic bag until next time. If you run out of renewal powder, you can order more from Adam & Eve. While you wait, you can use cornstarch as a short-term substitute.

How to clean the shaker (battery powered and rechargeable)
Shakers, both rechargeable and battery-operated, are very easy to clean. Please remember to keep the motor and battery compartment dry. Even if your toy is supposed to be waterproof, it is best to feel comfortable using it before using a vibrator that no longer vibrates. If your toy comes with a remote control, do the same for the remote control. While many of today’s vibrators are waterproof, remote controls are rare.

The best way to clean sex toys based on their materials
When cleaning sex toys, it is best to use a special sex toy cleaner. If you insist on cleaning sex toys the old-fashioned way with soap, water and muscle power, then you need to take some special measures based on the type of material used to make the toy. Using strong cleaners or detergents can damage delicate looking sex toys. For example, toys made of soft, supple materials such as TPE or TPR require the use of a mild wash soap. On the other hand, you can use standard dishwashing detergent to clean sex toys made of sturdy materials, such as plastic. Non-porous toys can collect lint and hair even when lying on a nightstand, so you need to use a lint-free cloth or towel and put them in a special storage bag. Check your sex toy instructions carefully for additional cleaning instructions and requirements.

If you have a dirty anal toy (mytoyfirst.com/anal-toys-mytoyfirst) in your sink and don’t have time to read all the information, then we’ve created a quick and easy reference guide to help you. This chart lists the most popular sex toy materials, along with advice from Adam & Eve’s toy experts for keeping them clean.